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The electrical installation box.

The world's first in plastics بي فوريكس Projektbeskrivning

مباشرة من المصدر When AMB began using thermoplastics and injection moulding at the end of the 1950s, they got the idea of manufacturing plastic electrical boxes. This was somewhat revolutionary – the electrical boxes at that time were made of sheet metals that were dipped into some sort of lead solution bath to avoid the rust, with tar paper being used as insulation. It was both expensive to produce and unpleasant to work with. In 1958 AMB with the help of tool maker Stålgravyr in Alvesta made a copy of a 30 mm high box, which was sent to SEMKO (now called Intertek), which was responsible for Sweden’s testing and certification of electrical products. They did what they could to avoid approving the product, but after several re-designs such as getting longer pipe sockets, the news finally got the S mark. The electrical boxes were manufactured from flame-resistant LDPE.


سوق الاسهم التداولي A whole series of electrical boxes were developed with different pipe socket arrangements. ‘Type 27′ had two pipes in one direction and four in the other. The product was a huge success immediately. In the middle of the 1960s one million boxes were sold annually during the building boom that existed at the time. برنامج تداول الاسهم الكويتيه

انظر في هذا Production was cancelled at the end of the 1960s as a result of increased competition and the requirement of nail holes.

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