AMB-metallization for Corning Museum of Glass

تصفح هنا AMB is located in the Smålandish region called the “Kingdom of Crystal”, just 300 m from the nearest glassworks, the now closed, Smålandshyttan. While several of the glass blowers skilfully produced glass sold worldwide, some of their wives worked in AMB’s production in the 50s and 60s.

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شراء وبيع الاسهم The famous glass artist Fredrik Nielsen contacted AMB to investigate whether our metallization could contribute to the expression of his specialty “pitchers”. اسعار الفوركس

طريقة بيع وشراء في الاسهم It could. After a few attempts with metallization of glass pieces in our sputter and our vacuum metallization Fredrik decided that this could contribute to what he wanted to create. After metallization, Frederick hand paints the pieces and now the renowned Corning Museum of Glass in New York bought a pitcher, see (and click) figure at bottom right.

موقع الكتروني AMB again shows its versatility: we provide medical plastic components that save lives and facilitate the lives of thousands of people but we also contribute to a modern expression of the Smålandish historic art of glass making by means of our special coating techniques (which perhaps also are illuminated by a reflector from AMB…)

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Light Purple Silver Carpaint Pitcher Fredrik Nielsen (Swedish, b. 1977) Sweden, Boda Glasbruk, The Glass Factory, and Broakulla, AMB Industri AB, 2015 Blown glass, car paint, metal plating H. 52 cm, W. (with handle), 34 cm, Diam. (base) 17 cm

مرتبطة هنا Kanna Purple pitcher Fredrik Nielsen

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