AMB forms partnership with an upcomer in the medical technology sector Press Release 30th September 2013

AMB in Broakulla has today signed a long-term agreement with Vigmed, an innovative company in the medical technology sector, to mass-produce a future needle-safety niche product.

جوابي A new EU directive came into force in May this year, which provides that all sharps products (syringes, needles, catheters, etc.) in Europe should be protected to prevent both patients and staff from exposure to potentially contaminated needles. Helsingborg based company Vigmed has seen major opportunities within this area. They have developed a patented needlestick protection, which they hope will take a significant market share on this gigantic market. They are currently launching their first product VigClip, a sharps protected venous catheter that initially will be marketed in Europe and China. They have chosen AMB in Broakulla as their business partner and producer of their third sharps protected product, which is estimated to be launched in 2015. AMB will be responsible for the entire production chain, from purchasing and injection moulding to fully automated cleanroom production and sterilisation. AMB is therefore currently investing over SEK 30 million, and the majority in product unique automation equipment. لماذا لا تحقق هنا – This investment is completely in line with our strategy to grow in the medical technology sector, says AMB’s CEO Tomas Magnusson. We take another important step towards highly automated mass production of sterile applications, and at the same show that we are competitive even globally.

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افضل الاسهم المصرية للشراء AMB has also been involved in the design phase though the company’s subsidiary tool manufacturer Tingverken in Tingsryd, who has had an active role in Vigmeds product development. Vigmed’s CEO Finn Ketler sees AMB as the perfect partner. – Through our partnership with AMB, we further strengthen our ability to offer a wide and unique range of products to the market, he says. AMB complements the productions cooperations that we have already established in Sweden and India perfectly, and is a recognised experienced high-tech manufacturer of medical products.